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iSentry Analytical Software

What Makes iSentry Software the Next Generation of Video Security?

If you asked most professionals what gives a business an edge over competitors a common answer would most likely be ‘thinking ahead of the curve’ or ‘staying on top of, not just current trends but future trends as well’. Although we usually specialise in supplying, leasing and assessing GSE and airfield equipment, we have been so impressed with the iSentry Analytical Software that this year has seen us working together with Sentinel Vision Services in the UK to bring the many benefits of iSentry Analytical Software for CCTV systems to the attention of the aviation industry.

You’ll see on our website and LinkedIn and Twitter channels that we describe iSentry as a ‘revolutionary’, ‘innovative’ and ‘intelligent’ video surveillance system capable of ‘transforming’ the security at airports, but what makes iSentry software the future of CCTV security?

airport security, security, iSentry, iSentry software, airport
1) Self-learning

Having been originally developed for the military, it’s no surprise that iSentry software can utilise artificial intelligence algorithms and intelligent video analysis to self-learn what ‘normal’ patterns of behaviour are for subjects in a certain area captured by a CCTV camera, with the parameters of what is deemed ‘normal’ being set out by the operator. When objects or subjects in the view of the CCTV camera exhibits behaviour or carries out actions that fail to fit the model of ‘normal’ behaviour, the iSentry system smartly flags it up as unusual activity and performs the appropriate automated responses.

2) The Unusual Behaviour Detection (UBD) Module

Unlike traditional alarm-based systems, the Unusual Behaviour Detection module makes the iSentry system the ideal asset, able to show highly filtered events to personnel operating the systems, empowering them to maintain complete situational awareness without having to worry about missing events.

There is no need for any rules-based configuration as the system reliably monitors the activity patterns of everything within the CCTV camera’s field of vision, including detecting objects left in busy indoor and outdoor spaces, like airports that frequently experience high volumes of traffic. The analytical software is able to alert the operator to the precise moment the suspicious object was left and has the power to take the operator to that exact moment in the system’s video stream.

3) Left Object Detection (LOD)

We all know that unidentified objects left in airports can arouse suspicion. The iSentry system is designed to pinpoint removed or objects abandoned in the area covered by the CCTV’s line of vision and that might pose a risk to the general public or an aircraft. The clever software can spot objects that are only 2 pixels on the screen – items that would normally be missed by the operator due to their small size.

Bringing the left object to the attention of the operator, the controller of the system can efficiently return to the exact moment the object was left or removed and determine what the right course of action to take is. The iSentry software can detect objects big and small with equal ease.

4) Video Trip Wire (VTW)

Multiple industrial Video Trip Wires on the iSentry system can be set according to direction, speed, size, time of day and location of a suspected threat relative to the CCTV camera’s line of vision.

The Video Trip Wire feature is ideal for noticing strange movement within controlled environments, with the multi-directional Video Trip Wires being easy to use and able to alert operators to all moving objects within the parameters defined by the operator.

Contact us to discuss your airport embracing the next generation of video security.

winter maintenance equipment, liquid de-icer

Winter Maintenance Equipment from 247GT

247GT now have a range of Winter Maintenance Equipment including Snow Ploughs, Gritting Machines and liquid de-icing sprayers.  We have equipment suitable for airport car parks, pavements and roadways.  Our range of equipment will enhance your customers’ visit and keep them safe during periods of heavy snow and frost.

Liquid De-Icing Sprayers

247GT’s range of liquid de-icing sprayers is capable of applying various liquid de-icing and anti-icing products. For ease of use, our sprayers are supplied with either standard category 1 or 2, 3-point linkage, which enables them to work with the vast majority of tractors – without modification, as well as being powered by the tractor PTO (power take off).

Snow Plough, Winter Maintenance Equipment Snow Plough, Snow Plough Break Back System, Winter Maintenance Equipment

Snow Plough

A heavy duty snowplough designed to be used with compact tractors. The snowplough is capable of snowploughing to the left or right as well as bulldozing in a central position. Supplied as standard with a basic mounting bracket which fits to the tractors front weight bracket or chassis. The snowplough is fitted with a break-back system, an important feature to reduce damage to the snowplough/tractor or driver.

Gritting Machine, Winter Maintenance Equipment

Gritting Machines and Salt Spreaders

Towed Machines

The range of high speed towed salt spreaders are considered to be the market-leading machines by many. Our range of gritting machines and salt spreaders are used by contractors, local authorities and private organisations. They also have an excellent reputation for being reliable.
Winter Maintenance Equipment, Tractor Towed Gritting Equipment

Tractor Towed Machines

The tractor-towed salt spreaders are hydraulically powered either by a PTO powered pump or from the tractor auxiliary hydraulic take off.

The tractor trailed salt spreaders range from a 0.5m³ hopper capacity to take approximately 600kg of salt to a tractor towed Salt Spreader with a 5.0m³ hopper capacity to take approximately 7000kg of salt. Capable of spreading wet or dry – brown or white salt via its unique POZI-FEED stainless steel auger system.


Tel: +44 (0) 1772 816 974



airfield windsock

Airfield Windsock Standard, Heavy Duty & Economy

Our Airfield Windsock range consists of 3 options Standard and Heavy Duty and Economy.

Standard Windsock

The standard windsock range exceeds all requirements for aviation and industrial usage. They are guaranteed from shredding for six months. Constructed from UV stabilised flo-orange polyester with an unbreakable high-tensile PVC coated galvanised steel harness these windsocks are made to last.  These are ideal for use in the professional aviation sector, power and industrial sector, for military use and can be used in desert conditions. conforming to CAA CAP 168, ICAO Annex 14 & FAA Standards.  To purchase online follow the link Standard Airfield Windsocks

Heavy Duty Windsock

The Heavy Duty windsock is designed to cope with the most demanding of environments.  It withstands the toughest of conditions over an extended period.  They are particularly well suited to installations where access for regular maintenance or replacement is limited or restricted.  The windsocks are specially manufactured from chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) and synthetic rubber (CSM).  This makes them heavily resistant to chemicals, temperature extremes, inclement weather and ultraviolet light. These windsocks also feature an enhanced unbreakable high-tensile stainless steel harness and are fully guaranteed against shredding, fading and structural failure for 12 months.  These windsocks can be used in all situations and conditions including.  Military, hazardous, saltwater and offshore.

Economy Windsocks

Our economy range of windsocks has been created with high-quality materials at a low price. For use in personal, amateur aviation and emergency situations.  Polyurethane windsocks conforming to CAA CAP 168, ICAO Annex 14 & FAA Standards.  To purchase online follow the link. Economy Windsocks

We also supply poles and harnesses for the windsocks and have the facility to install solar-powered lighting  to illuminate the windsock

To visit our  website to purchase standard airfield windsocks follow the links

247GT Ltd secure cyber essentials certificate

247GT Ltd Secure Cyber Essentials Certificate

247gt Ltd Cyber Essentials Certificate





247gt Ltd Secure Cyber Essentials Certificate

247gt Ltd Secure Cyber Essentials Certificate. Mr Brian Sneyd CEO of 247gt Ltd said he is pleased to announce 247gt Ltd have achieved Cyber Essentials Certification to assure our customers and suppliers that our internet security is fit for purpose and that we are aware of the dangers of Cyber Crime.

247gt Ltd would like to raise the awareness of our customers and suppliers to the benefits of the Cyber Essentials scheme.  Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme to help companies protect themselves and their customers and suppliers from common cyber attacks.

The Cyber Essentials scheme provides our business with good basic cybersecurity practice. Focusing on basic cyber hygiene, our company is protected from the most common cyber threats.

To find out more about the scheme follow the links below and they will explain how to get the protection you need against cyber attack.

Cyber Essentials Scheme Cyber Essentials Scheme: Summary




Ref: BIS/14/696 PDF, 499KB, 10 pages

Cyber Essential is a government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks

Cyber Essentials RequirementsCyber Essentials Scheme: Requirements for basic technical protection from cyber attacks



Ref: BIS/14/696 PDF, 501KB, 17 pages

The government has worked with the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) consortium and the Information Security Forum (ISF) to develop Cyber Essentials, a set of basic technical controls for organisations to use.

The full scheme, launched on 5 June 2014, enables organisations to gain 1 of 2 new Cyber Essentials badges. It is backed by industry including the Federation of Small Businesses, the CBI and a number of insurance organisations which are offering incentives for businesses.

The Cyber Essentials Requirements document sets out the necessary technical controls. The Assurance Framework shows how the independent assurance process works and the different levels of assessment organisations can apply for to achieve the badges. It also contains guidance for security professionals carrying out the assessments.

From 1 October 2014, the government required all suppliers bidding for certain sensitive and personal information handling contracts to be certified against the Cyber Essentials scheme.



mototok appoint 247gt ltd

mototok appoint 247gt ltd UK / Ireland agents

mototok appoint 247gt ltd

mototok appoint 247gt ltd UK / Ireland agents.  247gt are pleased to announce that mototok have asked them to represent them in the UK and Ireland.

Mototok aircraft tugs and helicopter tugs are electric remotely controlled and manoeuvrable.  This enables smart hangar parking with zero emissions.

Mototok has changed the face of aircraft pushback and parking with their range of towbar less electric nose lifter tugs.  The mototok range of aircraft and helicopter tugs enable one man operation for the movement of aircraft in the hangar and on pushback procedure.  Mototok is leading the way in reducing emissions and making the movements and parking of aircraft safer and more economical. mototok have set the future performance standards for aircraft movement.

Mototok Aircraft Tugs

Mototok has an underlying philosophy in the design of their equipment it utilises the latest technology available in its sphere of operation.

The mototok aircraft and helicopter tugs are relatively lightweight and portable in their design making them ideal for parking aircraft in tight situations in hangars and on the apron. The design of mototok aircraft tugs enables parking in corners or up to walls saving up to 40% of hangar space.

The extremely powerful electric motor used in mototok aircraft tugs produces zero emissions making them ideal for hangar use. The compact design and remote control operation along with the design of the cradle enables precision parking that cannot be achieved with a tug and bar or other types of towbarless tugs.

mototok appoint 247gt ltd.  Mr Brian Sneyd CEO of 247gt Ltd met with Mr Thilo Wiers-Keiser of mototok at EBACE in Geneva to finalise the appointment of 247gt as agents in the UK and Ireland.

247GT ltd is proud to announce that mototok have chosen them to represent the company in the UK and Ireland.  mototok are the leading manufacturer of electric aircraft and helicopter tugs.  Contact 247gt for more information. e-mail:  Tel: 01772816974

Oak Leasing

247gt Ltd partner with Oak Leasing to supply GSE

247gt Ltd partner with Oak Leasing to supply GSE at affordable rates

As one of the leading GSE companies based in the UK, 247GT Ltd partner with Oak Leasing to supply GSE at affordable rates. Airport equipment leasing and airport equipment finance are crucial to any growth for an ambitious airport, airline or ground handling agent. With airport equipment, and GSE equipment costs rising, it is vital to acquire the latest efficient equipment, without a drain on capital expenditure.


Oak has been involved in European airport equipment leasing for many years, from ground handling equipment, baggage handling systems, through to de-icing equipment for planes, and runway cleaning equipment. The ability to arrange airport equipment leasing and finance throughout most of Europe will prove to be a valuable asset for our GSE customers. This will be especially helpful as Oak have a pan European leasing solution. This will enable us to offer airport equipment finance and GSE leasing and finance to the whole of the UK, and most of Europe.


The pressure on airport infrastructure and GSE equipment will grow, as air traffic is set to double in the next 20 years. The greater the footfall, the greater the profit generated. The two approaches that airports are looking to are the Dual till and single till business models. Both require large capital investment, with one providing perhaps better return on investment and capex. Whichever model the airports are considering, both will require airport equipment leasing and finance.


The key for customers is that our innovative airport equipment leasing and finance option will enable them to spread the cost over three or five years, helping to reduce the initial “cost per push back” and make a “cost-effective aircraft turnaround.”

247gt are proud to able to work with Oak Leasing to provide an affordable solution for the purchase of your GSE.


Aircraft Heaters D200R by Nordic

Aircraft Heaters manufactured by Nordic supplied by 247gtLtd

247gt are once again bringing the best products to the UK market with the full range of Aircraft Heaters manufactured by Nordic Heaters of Sweden for heating aircraft of all sizes.

Aircraft Heaters by Nordic

Nordic Heaters construct aircraft heaters to an exceptional quality using Stainless Steel to manufacture the chassis and outer casing of the heater.  The heaters are powered by electric or diesel with a new hybrid option in the range there is one that will suit your needs.  The aircraft heaters develop a heat capacity from 42kW up to 200kW.

Nordic aircraft heaters can be used for all sizes of aircraft from small private or military aircraft to large passenger, cargo and military aircraft, executive jet to wide-bodied aircraft there is a heater that will do the job in the harshest of conditions over and over again.  The build standard ensures a reliable unit that will operate when you need it which is always going to be when the weather conditions are at their worst.  You can rely on Nordic Heaters to heat your aircraft.

Aircraft Heaters Product Range

Nordic Heater E42

Nordic Heater E75

Nordic Heater D120 Hybrid

Nordic Heater D160 Hybrid

Nordic Heater 200R

When purchasing an aircraft heater manufactured by Nordic you can rest assured you are purchasing a heater manufactured to the highest of standards.  All the aircraft heaters are manufactured under the regulations established by the Bureau Veritas Certification quality management system.  Conforming to ISO 9001.  Bureau Veritas Certification certificate number:

OHSAS 18001-2007


ISO 14001-200

Nordic aircraft heaters bring new hybrid technology to the aircraft heater market. Improving fuel efficiency and energy consumption, using innovative design and technology to ensure that the aircraft heater you purchase is an investment for your company.  Reducing running and maintenance costs improving efficiency and reliability and enhancing your companies image and reputation.  Delivering a service when and where required.  In whatever the weather conditions a Nordic aircraft heater will perform at the highest standard and not let you down.  Reducing passenger complaints keeping airlines happy and helping your company deliver the highest of service levels on aircraft turnarounds.


Nordic Heater

Nordic Aircraft Heaters UK Agent

Nordic Aircraft Heaters appoint 247gt Ltd to be their UK Agent

247gt are once again bringing the best products to the UK market with the full range of Nordic Heaters for heating aircraft of all sizes.

Nordic Heaters construct aircraft heaters to an exceptional quality using Stainless Steel to manufacture the chassis and outer casing of the heater.  The heaters are powered by electric or diesel with a new hybrid option in the range there is one that will suit your needs.  The aircraft heaters develop a heat capacity from 42kW up to 200kW.

Nordic aircraft heaters can be used for all sizes of aircraft from small private or military aircraft to large passenger, cargo and military aircraft, executive jet to wide-bodied aircraft there is a heater that will do the job in the harshest of conditions over and over again.  The build standard ensures a reliable unit that will operate when you need it which is always going to be when the weather conditions are at their worst.  You can rely on Nordic Heaters to heat your aircraft.


Aircraft Wheel Chock

247GT launch new range Aircraft Wheel Chocks

247gt launch our new range of Aircraft Wheel Chocks

Buy aircraft wheel chocks online

Our range of aircraft wheel chocks has been enhanced by the addition of a range of chocks that can be produced to customer specification of colour, length and can be engraved with a company name and logo.

Eliminate theft and use by other handling agents by using your own colour of chock with your company name and logo permanently engraved into the chock

Suitable for all types of aircraft our range of polymer extruded aircraft wheel chocks are ideal for small airfields and large airports alike.

The standard width of 185mm and height of 160mm the chocks come in standard lengths of 250mm, 365mm, 390mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm

All our aircraft chocks come with rope as standard with the option of upgrading to hi-viz rope if required.

The F.O.D Control Corporation

FOD Control Corporation’s UK Agent

FOD Control Corporation’s UK Agent

247gt Ltd will be agents for the FOD Control Corporation from 1st October 2015.  A range of FOD sweepers and FOD Containment products from the FOD Control Corporation introduce a variety of airfield safety products to the UK and European aviation industry.

FOD Control Corporation New Product Launch

We are really excited to be involved in the launch of the a new product from the FOD Control Corporation the FOD-Razor.  The FOD Razor will make FOD sweeping economical and efficient reducing the initial outlay and improving the cost of parts renewal.  247gt Ltd, FOD Control Corporation’s UK Agent will be carrying stock of consumable parts, making parts replacement quick and economical.

FOD Control Corporation and 247gtLtd Working together

The reliable FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER and the NEW FOD-Razor FOD Sweeper, along with FOD BINS and TREY ORGANIZERS developed by the FOD Control Corporation help 247gt Ltd commit  to helping improve airfield safety by reducing FOD/Foreign Object Debris and Foreign Object Damage.

What is FOD?

FOD is an important safety concept in any aviation, manufacturing or similar environment where small objects have the potential to cause damage or injury. The acronym “FOD” has two meanings:

  • Foreign Object Debris
  • Foreign Object Damage

Foreign Object Debris is any object, particle, substance, debris or agent that is not where it is supposed to be.

  • In an aviation or similar environment, could create a hazard to aircraft, equipment, cargo, personnel or anything else of value.
  • In a manufacturing or similar environment, could contaminate the product or otherwise undermine quality control standards, or injure personnel.

Examples of foreign object debris include:

  • Tools, parts and loose hardware
  • Building materials
  • Paper, paper clips, pens, coins and badges
  • Fragments of broken pavement
  • Trash, food wrappers and beverage containers
  • Rocks, sand and loose vegetation
  • Baggage tags and pieces of luggage
  • Hats, rags and gloves
  • Birds, wildlife and volcanic ash

Foreign Object Damage is damage caused by Foreign Object Debris that compromises the quality, functionality or economic value of a manufactured item. For instance, a piece of FOD at the wrong place at the wrong time can:

  • Shred fan blades when sucked into a turbojet
  • Blow out tyres at high speeds
  • Damage delicate components when trapped inside equipment housings
  • Freeze control mechanisms when lodged next to levers and handles

It is estimated the cost to the civilian aviation sector of FOD damage is between $4 billion and $13 billion annually in damaged equipment, flight delays, reduced efficiency, litigation and other costs.

FOD also has the potential to injure employees, passengers, factory workers and others. In addition, FOD in military environments can affect national security, reducing air defence and other mission capabilities.

Two examples of serious FOD incidents include:

The crash of Air France Flight 4590 near Paris in July 2000.  A strip of titanium had fallen off the engine cowl of another airliner landing on the runway. Minutes later the strip shattered one of 4590’s tyres during take-off, this, in turn, ruptured a fuel tank. 113 people died.  The litigation and criminal prosecution lasting for years afterwards.

In January 2009 the crash of US Airways flight 1549 into the Hudson River in New York. Shortly after take-off, a flight of Canadian Geese collided with the airliner shutting down both engines. The pilot, who had also trained as a glider pilot successfully ditched the plane into the river.  There were five serious injuries and no fatalities.

Find out more about FOD from the FOD Control Corporations other website:

This provides up to date information on FOD equipment and FOD Damage with articles and information from leading members of the aviation industry.