Liquid de-icing spray equipment

Liquid de-icing spray equipment

Liquid de-icing spray equipment tractor mounted liquid de-icing sprayers are capable of applying various liquid de-icing and anti-icing products.

Our sprayers are easy to use and come supplied with either standard category 1 or 2, 3-point linkage, which enables them to work on the vast majority of tractors without modification, as well as being powered by the tractor PTO (power take off).

We can also supply the de-icing liquids that will best suit your needs.  We can assess the surfaces and area to be treated and take in to consideration the type of use of the area people, equipment etc. So that you have the best equipment and liquids that will give the most cost effective and efficient method of de-icing an area making it a safe area to work in.

Liquid de-icing spray equipment specifications

•400/600 or 1000 litre Polypropylene tank

•Rear spray bar with 3 individually controlled sections

•Middle boom will treat 1.2m (400 litre) 2.2m (600litre) 2.7m (1000 litre)

•Outer jets will treat 1.2m to 4m on any model

•Electrically controlled spraying pressure to control application rate

•Quick change nozzles to change application rates

•Electric control box for controlling individual spraying sections

•Full filtration system

•Drain tap

•Tractor PTO driven diaphragm pump designed for use with de-icing chemicals

•Suction fill point to allow suction fill from an external tank

•Power fill point for filling via an external pump

•3-point linkage points category 1 mounting (400 litre) category 2 mounting (600/1000 litre)

•Mild Steel box section mounting frame

•All metal work blast cleaned, prior to zinc rich powder prime and finished in polyester powder coat finish

•Rear mounted LED road lighting

•Stainless steel fasteners used where possible

•Fluorescent markings on the rear



•Hydraulically driven centrifugal pump in lieu of the PTO driven diaphragm pump – suction fill not available with this option


These are not Agricultural Tractor Mounted Sprayers, which may be fitted with none compatible components and may be calibrated to work at much lower application rates.