Ground Crew Equipment

Ground Crew Equipment

247gt is proud to be the supplier of Ground Crew Equipment and all Under Wing equipment needed by leading Ground Handling Companies throughout the world.

247gt’s range and quality of equipment is second to none and enable aircraft turnarounds to be completed efficiently and on time 247 all over the world.

From Aircraft Chocks to latest Wireless Ground Crew Communication systems, we supply everything you need to handle,  Aircraft Movements, Aircraft Turnarounds and Aircraft Maintenance in the harsh environment of the aviation industry.

We have a large selection of steering bypass pins and aircraft marshalling wands.

We manufacture and supply baggage trailers and dollies, we supply aircraft tugs and loaders.  Our aim is to supply all the equipment you require to handle an aircraft on the ground.  We hope to create a safe and efficient working environment for ground crew whilst enabling them to work in the harsh environment of the airport ground handling and aircraft movements.