Helimo tug mototok remote controlled helicopter tug

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Helimo tug mototok electric remote controlled helicopter tug

The Helimo tug mototok electric remote controlled helicopter Helimo tug the perfect tug for all skidded helicopter. The Helimo tug can move every type of helicopter with skids regardless of obstacles such as cameras, radar, floats, winds and ­weapons mounted on the belly or skids of the helicopter. The helimo tug is universal and easily adjustable to meet the specifications of the helicopter.

With Helimo, you can pick up your helicopter by several different methods. You have the option of connecting to the skids from the outside or inside of its tubing with the helimo remaining outside your Helicopter either from the front or rear position. You also have the option of entering your helicopter under its belly from in front or from the rear and attaching to the skids from its inside tubing. It is possible to combine outside and inside attaching.

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Helimo use for skidded helicopter

Lifting capacity 6 t / 13228 lbs

Dimensions overall max lenght 267.72 inch / 6800 mm

width 226.77 inch / 5760 mm

height 25.59 inch / 650 mm

overall min (load area) lenght 259.84 inch / 6600 mm

width 90.55 inch / 2300 mm

height 9.84 inch / 250 mm

Length of the extension arms 155.91 inch / 3960 mm

Cantilever arms length 11.81 inch / 300 mm

width 5.91 inch / 150 mm

Ground clearance 3.94 inch / 100 mm

Unladen weight 5952 lbs / 2700 kg

Voltage 48 V

Speed 3.73 mph / 6 km/h

Tyres Puncture-proof tyres

Skids mounting and fixing system worldwide patent-registered

Radio remote control (with safety features, waterproof, ­certification of conformity), worldwide safety approval, including airports (TÜV certified)

24/28V Groundpower inclusive for engine start and updates

Yellow flashlight inclusive

Mistakes and technical alterations reserved / Date 03.2014

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