mototok electric aircraft/helicopter tug Twin 6500 AC-AD

mototok Twin 6500 AC-AD

mototok electric aircraft/helicopter tug Twin 6500 AC-AD

mototok electric aircraft/helicopter tug Twin 6500 AC-AD – more power, less trouble.For more power in the hangar and on the apron.  For use with single and double aircraft and wheeled helicopters


TWIN-Series 6500 AC-AD use for

single & double nosewheel,

wheeled helicopter

Maximum towing capacity 1) 110231 lbs / 50 t

Maximum nosewheel weight capacity 13228 lbs / 6000 kg

Dimensions (without antenna, grips on the surface) width 80.87 inch / 2054 mm

length 93.03 inch / 2363 mm

height 13.54 inch / 344 mm

Ground clearance 3.48 inch / 88,4 mm

Width of the wheel opening 26.2 inch / 665 mm

Depth of the wheel opening min. 7.09 inch / 180 mm

max. 26.38 inch / 670 mm

Unladen weight 3750 lbs / 1700 kg

Hydraulic wheel opening doors incl. full hands free hydraulic door

Time to load/fix aircraft 10 sec

Speed 3.73 mph / 6 km/h

Batteries (maintenance-free, deep cycle gel batteries) 4 x 220 Ah

Voltage 48 V

Range (depending on the workload) 3-4 days

Possible terrain, Concrete, Stone, Asphalt

Tyres Puncture-proof tyres

Radio remote control Radio remote control (with safety features, waterproof, certification of conformity), worldwide safety approval, including airports, TÜV certified

Twin 6500 AC-AD Optional Equipment

Hydraulic nosewheel securing 2) inclusive

Ground power cable for gound power connection 13,4V / 25,6 V

(short time up to 1300 A) 3) available

Charger 24 V / 65 A (for additional ­ground-power buffer) 4) available

Driving light (LED, 10,000 hour operating life, very high beam range) inclusive

Yellow flashlight inclusive

Safety beeper inclusive

Trailer coupling adaptor for multi-functional extensions available

Military spiral cable connection (15 m) between aggregate and control unit available

Automatic controls by ground markings (AGV functionality) available

Adaptations for special demands

(i.e. military version / range of production) available

Mistakes and technical alterations reserved / Date 03.2014

1) The stated towing capacity is valid for towing on normal ground conditions without an incline of more than 1%.

2) This prevents the nosewheel from rising and slipping out of position. The securing device is hydraulically lowered onto the nosewheel and securely locked at the push of a button. Standard: mechanical securing system.

3) In most aircraft, the generator voltage is 28.4 V. The 25.6 V on-board batteries are charged with this voltage. With the mototok ground power supply, the on-board voltage can be maintained and used to start the turbines.

4) To avoid the on-board electronics switching off during lengthy data update procedures (more than 30 minutes) in the case of aircraft with separate avionic cooling systems, we recommend a 28V buffer connection via a larger battery charger.

mototok electric aircraft/helicopter tug