Mototok Spacer 8600 MA aircraft tug

mototok Spacer 8600 MA tug

Mototok Spacer 8600 MA aircraft tug

Mototok spacer 8600 MA aircraft tug is designed for towing and pushing aircraft up to 95 t.  The mototok spacer 8600 MA aircraft tug can push up to B737 900 and A321.  The spacer 8600 ma tug has the capacity to change the face of pushback procedure and hangar parking.

Spacer 8600 MA use for double nosewheel

Maximum towing capacity 1) 209439 lbs / 95 t

Maximum nosewheel weight capacity 22046 lbs / 10000 kg

Dimensions (without antenna, grips on the surface) width 100.24 inch / 2546 mm

length min. 127.68 inch / 3243 mm

max. (with extended nose wheel reception) 144.61 inch / 3673 mm

height 21.77 inch / 553 mm

Ground clearance 3.19 inch / 81 mm

Width of the wheel opening 33.66 inch / 855 mm

Depth of the wheel opening 47.24 inch / 1200 mm

Unladen weight 11905 lbs / 5400 kg

Hydraulic wheel opening doors incl. full hands free hydraulic door

Time to load/fix aircraft 10 sec

Speed 3.73 mph / 6 km/h

Batteries (maintenance-free, deep cycle gel batteries) Armour Plate 300 Ah with electrolyte recirculation

Voltage 80 V

Range (depending on the workload) 3-4 days

Possible terrain Concrete, stone, asphalt

Tyres Puncture-proof tyres

Radio remote control Radio remote control (with safety features, waterproof, certification of conformity), worldwide safety approval, including airports, TÜV certified

Optional Equipment

Hydraulic nosewheel securing 2) inclusive

Charger 80 V / 80 A with electrolyte recirculation

Driving light (LED, 10,000 hour operating life, very high beam range) inclusive

Yellow flashlight inclusive

Safety beeper inclusive

Military spiral cable connection (15 m) between aggregate and control unit available

Automatic controls by ground markings (AGV functionality) available

Adaptations for special demands

(i.e. military version / range of production) available

Mistakes and technical alterations reserved / Date 03.2014

1) The stated towing capacity is valid for towing on normal ground conditions without an incline of more than 1%.

2) This prevents the nosewheel from rising and slipping out of position. The securing device is hydraulically lowered onto the nosewheel and securely locked at the push of a button. Standard: mechanical securing system.

3) In most aircraft, the generator voltage is 28.4 V. The 25.6 V on-board batteries are charged with this voltage. With the mototok ground power supply, the on-board voltage can be maintained and used to start the turbines.

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