Global Ground Support

Global Ground Support

247GTltd is proud to partner Global Ground Support in the UK.

Global Ground Support De-Icers and Glycol Recovery Vehicles (GRV) are renowned around the world for the way they perform in the harsh environments. Our equipment is reliable, economic to run whilst being environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed to enhance productivity and improve the working conditions of de-icer crews. There are over 500 units in operation in over 100 countries world-wide.

Global have made massive efforts to design equipment that is easy to maintain. So that customers such as USAF can rely on the equipment to perform when required. Choose from an array of models and options for virtually every application and type of aircraft in Civil and Military Aviation.

All Global equipment is supplied with superb after sales support including on-site, or factory training, 24/7 technical support, on-line parts support and emergency parts delivery.

In Europe 247GT LTD already provides online purchasing of Global de-icer parts through our online portal store at We have an extensive range of Global de-icer parts for all models.

The amazing Orion De-Icer is a multi-purpose vehicle with a quick release basket that gives instant transformation into a forklift, crane or any of 12 different lifting options with an 8,000 pound capacity.

On the larger models, Airplus forced air de-icing van reduce glycol consumption by up to 90% significantly saving money whilst helping to protect the environment by reducing glycol drain away.

Customers can choose tanks to cover type, type2 and type 4 fluids with options for blending as well as different tank sizes.

Premium blend in truck blending along with Single Operator, Enclosed Cab and Extra reach are all options that will increase efficiency and enhance your company image making your company the company of choice for Aircaft De-icing.

Glycol recovery is now an increasingly important environmental consideration and we can supply Glycol Recover vehicles of 750, 1300 and 2100 gallon capacity utilizing Izuzu chassis and Deutz auxiliary engine giving powerful efficient fluid recovery of De-icing / Anti-icing fluid from this efficient GRV.

Innovation has helped make Global Ground Support the leading manufacturer of de-icing/anti-icing systems in the world.