Deicing Vehicle Orion by Global Ground Support

Orion deicing multi-purpose vehicle by Global Ground Support


Deicing Vehicle Orion

The Orion deicing vehicle is specifically designed for servicing small to medium sized aircraft.

Up to and including B767 and A330 aircraft types.

The maximum working height of 13.7m (45 feet).

The Orion can also deice high-tail aircraft such as TU-134 or MD-80/90’s.

It is an ideal deicer for regional airport operations as it is multi-functional vehicle and can be used all year round for other duties around the airfield.

The very compact design of the deicing vechicle Orion does not mean it has a small capacity. It has a 3,331L/880 gallons capacity tank to provide a considerable deicing capacity.

Heating time can takes less than 10minutes with the option provided by a 1,000,000 BTU/ 293kw diesel burning heater.

The crab steering makes it very manoeuvrable in crowded ramp operating conditions.

The Orion has the facility to be single man operation steering from the basket via a joystick.

The Orion can be changed into a forklift in under 10 minutes and Cn also be used as a pushback tug and a maintenance platform.