Deicing Vehicle Regional

Deicing Vehicle Regional

Regional Deicing Vehicle by Global Ground Support

The Regional has the facility to deliver deicing with conventional type 1 fluids and Anti-icing with type 2 and 4 fluids. It has constant monitoring of fluid temperatures for optimal performance. The heater coils are manufactured in stainless steel as are the tanks. The de/anti-icing functions are powered by the auxiliary engine.

The Regional 1200 TE-B has a working height of 35 feet (10.67m) and is fitted with the standard 1 man open basket.

The Regional 700TE-B has a working height of 32feet 6 inches (9.91m)

Regional Options

Parts pack of commonly used replacement parts.

Various spraying and pumping configurations.

Automatic Fire Suppression.

Fluid flow monitors with printers.

Suction fill.

Two man open basket.