Premium Blending – In Truck Blending

Global Deicer Options

Premium Blending – In Truck Blending

On start up the fluid is heated instantly increasing the productivity and eliminating down time of the machine.

This uses a 4 tank blend system with in-line refractometer to guarantee mix ratio accuracy. The final blend passes through the heater allowing maximum deicing fluid temperature. This saves money by reducing the fluid usage.

The glycol percentage is automatically adjusted during the deicing procedure based on the outside temperature giving optimum usage of glycol.

The closed loop system on this system automatically purges internally on shut off. 10 seconds after shut down a ball valve closes the line to the water pump. Water pipes are filed with neat deicing fluid to prevent freezing. All other systems (pumps, lines, heater, etc.) are purged with a 50/50 glycol mix. This along with the insulated water tank reduces the risk of freezing in the system.

The mix percentage can be customised to meet operational needs