NORDIC HEATER Aircraft Heaters

NORDIC HEATER Aircraft Heaters

247gt bringing the best products to the UK with the full range of Nordic Heaters for heating aircraft of all sizes.

Nordic Heater aircraft heaters

Nordic Heaters construct aircraft heaters to an exceptional quality using Stainless Steel to manufacture the chassis and outer casing of the heater.  The heaters are powered by electric or diesel with a new hybrid option in the range there is one that will suit your needs.  The aircraft heaters develop a heat capacity from 42kW up to 200kW.

Nordic aircraft heaters can be used for all sizes of aircraft from small private or military aircraft to large passenger, cargo and military aircraft, executive jet to wide bodied aircraft there is a heater that will do the job in the harshest of conditions over and over again.  The build standard ensures a reliable unit that will operate when you need it which is always going to be when the weather conditions are at their worst.  You can rely on Nordic Heaters to heat your aircraft.

All Nordic aircraft heaters are made entirely out of stainless steel (ie. no corrosion)

Nordic electric aircraft heaters are emission free

Nordic diesel aircraft heaters use patent pending fan technology. This enables our D120 Hybrid heater to run for approx. 48 hrs without refuelling. Competitors have far lower runtimes of about 15-20 hrs.

D120 Hybrid can run the fan off an external 16 Amp socket (it will still burn diesel for heat, but the genset can be off). This further increases runtime off of one tank of diesel.

Nordic Aircraft Heater E42

To heat aircraft form 2 t0 200 seats e.g. Typhoon, to A320

Nordic Aircraft Heater E75

To heat aircraft from 2 seats to 200 e.g. Embraer 175, A320

Nordic Aircraft Heater D120 & D160

To heat aircraft 200 to 300 seats e.g. B757, A330

Nordic Aircraft Heater D200R

To heat aircraft 300 to 500+ seats e.g. B787, A340, A380