iSentry Analytical Software Improving security, safety & efficiency

iSentry Analytical Software from 247GT

247gt are always looking for new products to enhance our range of equipment.  With iSentry Analytical Software.  We have made a move away from our normal GSE and airfield equipment with this new product CCTV Analytical Software.  We are so impressed with the system we had to help bring it to the attention of Aviation Industry.  This system can help with security, monitor baggage systems, monitor safe working and alert operators to risks and abnormal behaviour in real time so that immediate action can be taken.

iSentry Analytical Software is revolutionary CCTV analytical software it self-learns normal patterns of behaviour in an area and warns of abnormal behaviour and give alerts to operators if any type of abnormal activity occurs from people running to an object such as a rucksack, bag or box being left unattended or person working alone falling or unusual behaviour of a single person or group in crowd.

It is quick and simple to install into existing and new installations and will improve response times to any situation you require monitoring.  Please take the time to watch the short video to see the system in action.

The system was originally developed for military use but is now going to revolutionise the monitoring of CCTV systems and improve security, safety and efficiency.

247gt Ltd Working in conjunction with Sentinel Vision Services in UK to bring you the revolutionary iSentry Analytical Software for CCTV systems Improving security, safety and efficiency

Sentinel Vision Services Ltd., established in 2016, Sole UK Main Distributor for iSentry artificial intelligence surveillance software, iSentry is supplied by ISDS South Africa who own the sole global rights

iSentry analytical software system Intelligent self-learning CCTV software

What is iSentry Analytical Software?

iSentry Analytical Software uses an Artificial Intelligent video analysis software system using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to learn the normal behavioural patterns of objects captured by your CCTV.  When an object displays activity that does not fit the model of normal behaviour, the system highlights it as unusual and performs a number of automated responses.

Unusual Behaviour Detection (UBD) – No more rules based systems

The Unusual Behaviour Detection module presents highly filtered events to operators allowing them to maintain complete situational awareness without the risk of missing events as in traditional alarm based system.

Artificial Intelligent CCTV – Great for health and Safety

Using military analytic algorithms developed for the military, the Unusual Behaviour Detection module is able to learn:

To filter out normal activity and detect unusual activity.

The activity patterns of everything in the camera’s view without the need for any rules-based configurations.  The system software will learn normal behaviour patterns and identify any abnormal behaviour in the area covered by the CCTV system.  Be it a person running or a someone moving in an unusual pattern, a bag that has fallen off the baggage belt or a single bag left on a carousel.  The system will alert the controller to the situation so the correct action can be taken.

iSentry Analytical Software can be installed on new installations or old. Your existing camera infrastructure is directed into the iSentry analytic server using the RTSP internet protocol. iSentry Analytical Software works with Analogue, Digital, Electro-Optical, IP, Infra-red and Thermal cameras.

Left Object Detection (LOD)

The system is designed to identify left or removed objects like baggage or suspect items and packages that have been left in the area covered by the CCTV system that might be a danger to the general public or a hazard to aircraft or aircraft operators.  Identifying objects that are only 2 pixels on the screen so small that they may be missed by the operator of the system.  The software will identify and give a warning to the operator.  If required, the operator can then immediately return to the exact moment the incident occurred or the package was left and identify and initiate the correct response to the situation

Video Trip Wire (VTW)

An industrial video tripwire system.

iSentry Analytical Software using Artificial Intelligent CCTV – Detecting Strange movement.  For controlled environments iSentry has easy to use multi-directional Video Trip Wires to alert on all moving objects within the operator defined parameters and controlled area