Trepel CCL 35S

Trepel CCL 35S

An adaptive vehicle as transporter and loader for containers

The ccl 35S combines two vehicles in one – cargo high loader and transporter.  Developed in the nineties for handling the A320 family, the CCL35S today is able to handle freight on all lower decks of commercial aircraft.  The dolly train with containers can be parked anywhere around the aircraft allowing the ccl 35S to act as a junction to transfer containers between dollies and the aircraft.  This is a user friendly and manoeuvrable loader-transport allowing quick and economical freight loading and unloading.  With several options available, the ccl 35S is on e of the most popular pieces of equipment on the apron today.  Freight service on a faster level.


Dimensions L x W x H                                          6.550  x 2.900x 1.600 mm

Capacity                                                               3.500 kg

Lifting height platform                                         485 to 3.500 mm

Loading width  (between guide rails)                 1.620 mm

Driving speed                                                     15 km/h

Gradability                                                          5%

Turning radius                                                    7.500 mm