Trepel challenger 430 aircraft tractor

Trepel challenger 430 aircraft tractor

Adaptable medium-size aircraft tractor

The CHALLENGER 430 is a conventional aircraft tractor that has the capacity to handle pushback, repositioning and maintenance towing of aircraft up to a fully loaded Boeing B777.  The mechanical lock-up clutch of the new generation of power shift transmissi0n reduces fuel consumption when moving at higher speed. The hydro-pneumatic front axle suspension provides best possible driving comfort for the operator.  The liftable power pack compartment minimizes downtime of the tractor and reduces maintenance costs.

Capacity                                       Aircraft weight up to 380 tons

Dimensions (LxWxH)                   6.900 x 2.700 x 2.00 mm (without tow hitch)

Drawbar pull                               304  kN (calculated theoretical value dependent on ballasted                                                    weight and adhesion factor)

Driving speed                              30 km/h (depends on ballasted weight)

Turning radius                             6.410mm

Weight                                         27tons (without ballast) up to 43 tons (ballasted)