Trepel champ 70 lower deck loader

Trepel champ 70 lower deck loader

Freight handling with outstanding reliability

the CHAMP 70, TREPEL’s 7 ton cargo high loader range, combines highest availability with extremely low operation and maintenance costs, making this versatile Pallet and Container high loader a real CHAMP.  Fast lifting speed as well as accurate freight transfer under all climatic conditions are true advantages.  The design of the CHAMP 70 offers maximum safety for operating personnel, aircraft and loader.  These performances bring freight handling to a higher level.


Dimensions L x W x H                                          9.20  x 3.60 x 3.10 m

Capacity                                                               7.000 kg

Lifting height front platform                                 1.800 to 3.700 mm

Lifting height main platform                                480 to 3.700 mm

Loading width  (between guide rails)                 2.520 mm

Driving speed                                                     15 km/h

Gradability                                                          5%

Turning radius                                                    8.500 mm