Trepel Trans 70 transporter

Trepel Trans 70 transporter

Fas, efficient and adaptive

The TRANS 70 is a most versatile Container and Pallet Transporter.  The modern concept of the TRANS 70 is designed to encounter all operational modes with the best performance. A dolly finger system can be added to adapt the TRANS 70 to your existing fleet or dollies.  The small turning radius allows perfect manoeuvrability on the congested airport apron.  The large wheels allow a comfortable drive on all kinds of road surfaces at speed.   The TRANS 70 is designed in a modular way that allows every customer to configure it according to their specific requirements.  For example, the driving station can be on either side of the vehicle.


Dimensions L x W x H                                          5.600  x 3.900x 1.500 mm

Capacity                                                               7.000 kg

Lifting height platform                                         485 to 3.500 mm

Loading width  (between guide rails)                 2.500 mm

Loading width  (between stops)                           3.285 mm

Driving speed                                                     32 km/h

Gradability                                                          8%

Turning radius                                                    6.700 mm