Fire Knock Out


Fire Knock Out


Fire Knock Out

Installing Fire Knock Out Will Save Lives And Property. Fire Knock Out Is The Product To Fit To Airfield And Airport Vehicles, In Remote Switch Rooms And Maintenance Areas, Toilets Anywhere Where Fire Is A Hazard Can Be Protected By Fire Knock Out.

Fire Knock Out Kills Fires At The Source. Extinguishing The Fire Within Seconds With Very Little Damage To The Surrounding Area.

Fire Knock Out Automatically Starts To Operate After Contact With Open Fire. Fights The Source Of A Fire Within A Few Seconds And Prevents A Small Fire From Getting Big.

There Is One Question To Answer. Why Would You Not Fit Fire Knock Out?

The Fluid Used In Fire Knock Out Is Animal, Human And Environmentally Friendly.

The Plastic Remains Of The Casing Are Recyclable.

Advantages Of Fko-Foam Based:
–  Usable By Solid And Liquid Fires
–  High Cooling Capacity (Spray)
–  The Covering Film On Liquids (Stops The Evaporation)

–  Fko Is Not Dangerous Near Electricity

Who Can Use The Fko 1.6 Litre Preventive Unit?
–  All Personnel (Adults)
–  Offices And Workshops / Remote Locations, Electrical And Gas, Laundry-Room, Kitchens And Restaurants, Electric Baggage Vehicles, Pushback Tugs, Aircraft Loaders, All Vehicles .)

Who Can Use The Fko 5.6 Litre Active Unit?
–  Trained Personnel, Firemen, Military And The Police
–  Industry (High-Risk Areas, Switchgear Rooms, Flammable Liquids, Etc.)
–  Maritime (Ships, Platforms, Rigs)
–  Easy To Mount
–  Easy To Use And Light-Weight (High Buildings)
–  Works Directly After Contact With Open Fire
–  No Maintenance Costs. (5 Year Warranty)
–  Subsequent Damage Will Be Limited
–  Works Automatically In Confined, Remote And Unmanned Areas