FOD Sweeper ZM 1250M


Capable of being mounted to either the front or rear of tractors or vehicles. Designed to maintain the cleanliness of runways, taxiways, the ramp, hangers and more.


We have winter maintenance equipment suitable for airport car parks, pavements and roadways. Our range of equipment will enhance your customers’ visit and keep them safe during periods of heavy snow and frost.

FOD Sweeper ZM 1250M

These FOD sweepers can be mounted to front or rear of tractors or vehicles. The FOD is swept into a collection chamber which is easily tipped out and is operated from inside the cab. They are available with or without the side / gulley brush and with or without the water spray. Various widths available.

The Agata ZM1250 / ZM1400 / ZM1600 / ZM2000 are designed to maintain the cleanliness of runways, taxiways, the ramp, hangers as well as other communication routes, car parks and paved road surfaces and sidewalks. Methods of mounting allow working with tractors, backhoe loaders, forklifts and front loaders. Agata sweepers enable the collection and removal of impurities or, after removing waste container and misalignment, only sweeping dirt to the right / left, in the winter season can also be used to snow removal. Agata sweepers are very useful in the treatment of residual sand roadway along the curbs. Optional sprinkler system lowers emissions of dust and dirt and side brush of disk, which allows collecting dirt from the side.

    The ability to spread a variety of materials.
    Upper frame is welded to the lower frame and together they create stiff and reliable construction.
    Possibility of cleaning by the walls and curbs by optional side brush.
    Suitable for FOD removal, dirt / dust sweeping or after removal of dirt container and can be used for snow clearing.
    Easy and simplicity of use.

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