FOD Sweeper ZM 2300M


Capable of removing FOD from Runways, Taxiways, Hangars and Ramp areas as well as parking lots and other paved areas and roads.


We have winter maintenance equipment suitable for airport car parks, pavements and roadways. Our range of equipment will enhance your customers’ visit and keep them safe during periods of heavy snow and frost.

FOD Sweeper ZM 2300M

The ZM-2300M FOD sweeper is designed for removal of FOD from Runways, Taxiways, Hangars and Ramp areas as well as parking lots and other paved areas and roads. It can also be used in the winter for clearing snow. It can be fitted to the front of Tractors or Loaders. The ZM-2300M is a hydraulically driven attachable appliance designer for mounting on the front of carrying vehicle. Extensive range of accessories allows the sweeper to be adapted to individual customer needs.

    The jack-screw allows changing the frame height above the ground as the brush wears. The stemless height adjustment of the sweeping roller provides efficient sweeping and maximises brush lifespan.
    A clever design idea is that the 650mm – diameter cylindric brush is available in a number of possible types of wreaths: simple wreaths (with by spacer rings) bent wreaths (forming a honeycomb structures) or wreaths with bristles studded into plastic rings. This combined with various bristle materials – propylene (PPN) – through metal wire (straight or bent) – to a mixture of these materials, gives you the ability to match the machine model to the specific needs of the user. The roller brush is driven by a powerful hydraulic motor, built inside the shaft, which eliminates the risk of damage by hitting an obstacle, and also reduces the width of the machine to 2.55 m.
    The special design of the suspension system allows the sweeper to traverse up and down. Additionally, it has an angular displacement in two planes, making it perfectly copies the area. The use of indicators visible to the operator, which show the position of the machine with respect to the carrier, reduces the risk of damage. This can occur when working with large tractors or wheel loaders on uneven terrain or when crossing obstacles (e.g. Speed humps).
    The machine uses wheel sets designed to carry heavy loads and work in harsh conditions. The kit is composed of a full wheel made of elastic rubber (250mm diameter and 80 mm thickness and a very durable casing).
    The sweeper comes in standard with a manual turning lock, allowing you to change the approach angle of the machine by 25 ° – clockwise and anti-clockwise. The angle changes allow sweeping-out waste to the right or left side. On request, the manual lock may be replaced by a hydraulic cylinder, which provides stemless regulation in the same range.
    An important function, from the point of view of the user, is sweeping out waste from curbs or wall sides. This operation requires use of side brush (disc). The ZM-2300M sweeper can be equipped with right, left or both brushes (available as options). One side brush (600 mm diameter) increases the machine’s working width up to 0.4 meters. It can be hidden in the sweeper’s outline for transportation. It can be also raised and locked in the upright position. Each side brush can be independently switched on and its speed can be adjusted independently.
    Another very useful piece of equipment is extra-large waste tank with a capacity of about 480 litres. It is provided with a central support wheel and a hydraulic actuator for rotating it to dispose of accumulated waste. The space between the container and the ground is sealed by an elastic belt with hardwearing material. Tilting the bottom makes it easy to drive over obstacles while sweeping e.g. Speed bumps.
    Sprinkler system may be mounted as additional equipment. Its main element is a water tank with a capacity of about 310 litres, formed in remoulding technology, which shapes harmonizes with the appearance of the machine. Nozzles are placed behind the roller brush and side brushes (if they have been fitted). Its main task is dust reduction during operation.
    Universal fitting frame allows aggregation with a full range of carrying vehicles e.g. tractors, loaders, forklifts etc.

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