Airmarrel LAM 3500 DP/8 aircraft hi loader by 247GT Ltd



Airmarrel LAM 3500 DP/8 aircraft hi loader

Airmarrel LAM 3500 DP/8 3500 kg capacity (7800 Lbs.)

Designed according to AIRBUS requirements for the A320/A319/A321 aircraft Series, it can be economically used for any wide body aircraft container door (i.e. A300/310, DC10, MD11, and B767)

The LAM 3500 DP/8 3500 is highly manoeuvrable and narrow in width.  It  is designed specifically for use on the front holds of the Airbus series of narrow bodied  aircraft A319,320,321

By design the LAM 3500 DP/8 reduces the chance of Aircraft damage during positioning for loading and offloading during the aircraft turnaround

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