Airmarrel LAM 35000DP/B9 Main Deck Loader by 247GT Ltd



Airmarrel LAM 35000DP/B9 Main Deck Loader

The Airmarrel LAM 35000DP/B9  main deck heavy duty loader has a capacity of 35 tons.  It is a  self-propelled heavy duty main deck loader.

LAM 35000DP/B9 35 000 kg capacity (77 162 Lb) has the most advanced features.  This includes a clear deck enabling the handling of oversized loads.

The LAM 35000 DP/B9 complies with international safety regulations.  It is able to operate under severe weather conditions.  The drive system deign gives the loader excellent inching characteristics.  The inching improves and maintains the safe approach and positioning of the loader at the aircraft.

The LAM 3500DP/B9  is designed as a heavy duty main deck loader.  However the LAM 35000 DP/B9 is also suitable for use on the lower deck, for loading and offloading of  pallets.