Trepel Challenger 150 Aircraft Tractor


Cost optimised small tractor


The Challenger 150 is the perfect solution for customers who need to handle in particular the B737 and A320 fleets.

What’s more is the fully ballasted Challenger 150 is also able to push the B767-200/300 at Maximum Ramp Weight.

The hydro-pneumatic front axle suspension provides best driving comfort for the operator

Dimensions L x W x H 5.320 x 2.240 x 2.000mm without tow hitch
Capacity Aircraft weight up to 160 tons
Drawbar Pull 101 kN (calculated theoretical value dependent on ballasted weight and adhesion factor)
Driving speed max.30km/h (depends on ballasted weight)
Weight 9 tons (without ballast) up to 15 tons (ballasted)
Turning radius 4.9m

Additional information

Weight 13607.8 kg
Dimensions 5.320 × 2.240 × 2.000 mm