Electric Baggage Belt Loader from 247GT Ltd



Electric Baggage Belt Loader from 247GT Ltd

Electric Baggage Belt Loader from 247GT Ltd.  Our 8m Towable belt loader has a max height 3900mm min height 1250mm for Regional and Wide Bodied aircraft.

Powered by a 6kw 48v DC Motor with controller.  The Battery for the belt loader is 320 AH. 48V Traction Lead Acid Battery.  There is an option for a 320AH 48V Litium Battery.  247GT Ltd also offer the option of renting the battery and charger unit.

The hydraulic system has an emergency hand pump providing control for the boom in case of failure of the system.  The belt can hold a distributed weight of  300kg.  Belt speed minimum is 0.3 m/s.  The belt loader has safety guard rails fitted.  It is towed by a towing arm at the front of the belt.  The belt is made from 3 ply extruded rubber.



Boom Length: 7200 mm to 7800 mm

Bed Width: 900 mm to 1000 mm

Max Height at A/C end: 3900 mm

Min Height at A/C end: 1250 mm

Max Height at ramp end: 760 mm

Belt Width: 600 mm

Width between rails: 900 mm

Belt Speed (mini): 0.3 m/s

Load capacity (distributed): 300 kg