Baggage Trailer for Airport Baggage transportation from 247GT Ltd


Baggage Trailer


Baggage Trailer

247GT Ltd Baggage Trailer. Carrying capacity 2000 kg at 15 mph load, capability 50 cases our baggage trailers are ideal for air-side delivery of baggage.

The front and rear frames are bolted and clad with composite panels and riveted with stainless steel rivets.  Strong aluminium angle framing is used throughout.  Both ends and sides are securely to the chassis.  There are rubber corner buffers.

The side curtains fit into an aluminium extrusion enabling the side curtain to be attached or removed quickly.  The side curtain is made of PVC available in a variety of colours.  They are fitted with heavy duty elastic shock cords for securing.

Load Bed.

2.8m long x 1.36m or 2.4 m long x 1.6 m wide load- platform.

Formed 3.0mm steel load bed inclined towards full- length central drainage channel.

Loading Height from ground: 551mm.


Parking brakes operate on the front wheels, they are applied when the tow bar is latched in the raised position.

The foot pedal releases the latch and the brakes are released when the tow bar is lowered to towing height.  Simple adjusting mechanism ensures easy maintenance.

Standard Couplings and Hitches.

Rear-Hitch – ‘E’ type with captive spring loaded 25mm pin can be retained in upright position for easy coupling.