Bliss Fox F1-150 Pushback Tug 12 to 16 tonnes by 247GT Ltd



Bliss Fox F1-150 Pushback Tug 12 to 16 tonnes by 247GT Ltd

Bliss Fox F1-150 Pushback Tug 12 to 16 tonnes by 247GT Ltd.  The Bliss-Fox F1-150 Aircraft Tractor designed for the pushback and extended towing of aircraft from 100-170 Tonnes.  It is ideally suited for pushback & towing of all A321 & B737 series aircraft and other narrow bodied aircraft.  With power to spare the all new F1-150 features a 74 kW (138hp) Diesel Engine with 520 Nm (384 Ft/lbs) of torque. This modern styled, unique tractor is available as a standard 12 Tonnes base model with options for an additional 6 Tonnes of ballast and hot/cold air-conditioning.

As Agents for Bliss Fox in the UK we are in a unique position to be able to support our customers with a 5-year warranty plan for all our Bliss Fox equipment.  All Bliss Fox equipment purchased through 247GT ltd will supplied with a 2-year service pack.  We will also support the equipment with a UK based Bliss Fox GSE trained Engineer.

General Features for both options:

4-wheel drive &4-wheel steering

Enclosed cabin, with driver & passenger seats

12 Tonne vehicle mass is standard with

There is the option to ballast up to 18 Tonne


Front wheel steer (2WS), Four Wheel Steer (4WS)

The Fully Hydraulic Power steering greatly reduces steering effort and enhances manoeuvrability by allowing the operator to make sharper, quicker turns. The power steering improves straight-line stability and increases operating safety

Braking System:

Fully hydraulic dual circuit braking system

Parking brake, spring loaded fail safe on axles

Service Access:

Service areas are easily accessed via large fully opening hinged covers

Pumps, filters, tanks, valves, starter motor and alternator are all accessible from the spacious engine bay or beneath the tractor via use of pit or hoist facility.

Technical Data:

5.6 x 2.3 x 1.9m (LxWxH), Ground Clearance 230mm

Draw bar pull (DBP) for 17T tractor on dry level concrete 133.37 kN (30,000 lbs) the maximum transferable DBP depends on tractor weight & coefficient of friction

12 Tonne tractor capability of aircraft up to & including fully laden A319, A320, A321, B737-900, B757, B767 or up to 160 tonnes aircraft in all weather conditions

24V Electrical system, using 2 x 12V heavy duty batteries.

Equipment included:

  • Amber rotating beacon & work lamp mounted on roof
  • Cabin with doors & windscreen wipers; c/w interior lamp
  • Head & Tail lamps, c/w reverse & turn indicators, reversing alarm
  • Front & Rear towing hitches, with pin locking mechanism
  • Tyres 280/75R22.5 (spare wheel &tyre included)
  • Left-hand drivers steering position plus seating for two (2) engineers/passengers
  • The customer can specify paint
  • Accumulators for emergency steering and braking incase of engine failure.
  • Coordinated steering system with 4WS, 2WS and crab.
  • High capacity variable displacement hydraulic pump.
  • The use of hydraulic hose is minimised by the use of steel tubing

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