Cargo Trailer fully enclosed composite sides



Cargo Trailer fully enclosed composite sides

Cargo Trailer fully enclosed composite sides from 247GT Ltd.  Made with a galvanised chassis and composite sides.  Safe secure transportation of air cargo to and from the aircraft.

Load Bed

2.8 m long x 1.36 m or 2.4 m long x 1.6 m wide load- platform.  Formed 3.0 mm steel load bed inclined towards full- length central drainage channel.

Loading Height from ground: 551 mm.


The front and rear frames are of a bolted construction.  The frame is clad with a composite board and rivited with stainless steel rivites.  The frame is made from angel iron.


The parking brake operate on the front wheels and are actuated when the tow bar is latched in the raised position.  A foot pedal releases the latch and the brakes are released when the tow bar is lowered to towing height. Simple adjusting mechanism ensures easy maintenance.

Standard Couplings

Rear-Hitch – ‘E’ type with captive spring loaded 25 mm pin can be retained in upright position for easy coupling.

Tow Bar

Fitted with a grip-handle. The forged steel eye has 50 mm diameter hole and a ring section diameter of 30mm.  A rubber buffer is fitted to the underside of the tow bar to prevent damage.

Standard Finish

High-Visibility markings on surround-frame corners and both sides of tow-bar.

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