Airmarrel TAM20000 Transfer Transporter from 247GT Ltd



Airmarrel TAM20000 Transporter

Airmarrel  TAM20000 Transfer Transporter from 247GT Ltd.  20 ton capacity transfer transporter designed for 20′ pallets or containers.

Used with our Airmarrel LAM 14000 DP/MD8 loader.  Or our heavy duty main deck loaders.  The LAM 27000 DP/B8 and LAM32000 DP/B9.  The TAM20000 Transporter is the vehicle to move heavy pallets, containers an oversized cargo with overhangs.

The Airmarrel TAM7002 Transporter

Also available the Airmarrel TAM 7202 from 247GT a very versatile transporter

Airmarrel TAM7002 transporter