The Airmarrel TAM7002 Transporter from 247GT Ltd



The Airmarrel TAM7002 Transporter

The Airmarrel TAM7002 Transporter specially designed vehicle for the movement pallets and containers.  Transporting and transferring pallets and containers to and from Aircraft Loaders and slave pallets.  Therefore, increasing efficiency and safety of aircraft loading and unloading during the aircraft turnaround.

The TAM 7002 can handle One AKH, LD6, LD7, L8 or Two LD1, LD2, LD3 or pallets up to 96″ x 125″. It has a load weight capacity of 7000kg (15500lbs).

There has been a progressive development in design of the TAM7002 Transporter.  Improving visibility for the driver by lowering the profile and re-positioning of the front stop. This has led to a safer and easier to handle vehicle.  The front the transporter bed is fitted with a hydraulically controlled height adjustment device.  This enables the correct height of the working platform.  Enabling easy transfer of cargo form one vehicle to the next.

As a result of the improved design.  Handling Agents, Cargo Operators and Airlines around the world are using the TAM7002 Transporter

Airmarrel TAM20000 Transfer Transporter from 247GT Ltd

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Airmarrel TAM20000 Transfer Transporter from 247GT Ltd