Bliss Fox F1-40 Cargo Pushback Towing Tug by 247GT Ltd



Bliss Fox F1-40 Cargo Pushback Towing Tug by 247GT Ltd

The Bliss Fox F1-40 Cargo Pushback Towing Tug

designed for both pushback and extended towing of Cargo & Aircraft up to 25 Tonnes and hauling a train of trailers up to 40 Tonnes.

This modern styled, unique tractor is available as a standard 4 Tonnes base model with option for Cabin, Air-conditioning and hydraulically actuated tow hitch.

As Agents for Bliss Fox in the UK we are in a unique position to be able to support our customers with a 5-year warranty plan for all our Bliss Fox equipment.  All Bliss Fox equipment purchased through 247GT ltd will supplied with a 2-year service pack.  We will also support the equipment with a UK based Bliss Fox GSE trained Engineer.

Bliss Fox F1-40 Technical Datasheet

Characteristics Manufacturer Bliss-Fox, Panus Assembly Co Ltd
Model Type F1-40
Fuel type Diesel, B20, JP8
Drive type Seated
Traction capacity (t) 33 to 45
DBP – 6 Tones Weight (kN) 20-25-30-35
Wheels base mm 1620
Weight Dead Weight Kg 3500 to 5000
Axles capacity kg 1200/3800
Tyres/Chassis Wheels type Inflated
Wheels dimensions F 6.50/10
Wheels dimensions R 7.00/15
Number of wheels 2/2
Track mm 1200
Main dimensions Height with cabin mm 1980
Seating Height mm 980
Overhang front/rear mm 635/760
Overall length mm 3295
Overall width mm 1440
Ground clearance mm 165
Turning Radius (out) mm 3000
Performance data Travel Speed Km/h 25 / 28
Travel Speed Reverse Km/h 12
Gradient % 5
Service Brake Hydraulic – Brake fluid operated
Type Service Brake Front Drum – Rear Drum
Engine Type Mitsubishi S4S / Kohler KDI2504TCR
Inline 4 cylinders
Power 47 KW @ 2500 rpm / 55 KW @ 2600 rpm
Torque 300 NM @ 1500 rpm
Cooling Liquid
Emissions lever Tier 3/Ter 4
Transmission Automatic Type Exedy KT2160000/ Graziano PST2
Gears 2 FWD/ 1 REV
Axles Rear Drive Axles – Panus 4.0
Front Steer Axle – Panus 1.2
Steering Type Front 2WS – Hydraulic Power Steering
Suspensions front Independent Leaf Spring Mounted
Rear Rigid Mounted
Electric System V 12: 1 X 12 Heavy duty battery
Additional data Noise Level DB 70
Parking Brake Mechanically Actuated
Optional Canopy, Canopy with Glass Cabin, Heater, Air Condition, Auxiliary Lights, Tow Hitch

Bliss Fox F1-40 Pushback and cargo tug  Bliss Fox F1-40 Pushback Tug