Bliss Fox F1-80 Aircraft Pushback Tug by 247GT Ltd.



Bliss Fox F1-80 Aircraft Pushback Tug by 247GT Ltd.

Bliss Fox F1-80 Aircraft Pushback Tug by 247GT Ltd for both pushback and extended towing of aircraft up to 90 Tonnes.  standard 8 Tonne base model with options for additional 4 Tonnes of ballast, fully enclosed cabin and hot/cold air-conditioning.

As Agents for Bliss Fox in the UK we are in a unique position to be able to support our customers with a 5-year warranty plan for all our Bliss Fox equipment.  All Bliss Fox equipment purchased through 247GT ltd will supplied with a 2-year service pack.  We will also support the equipment with a UK based Bliss Fox GSE trained Engineer.

General Features for both options:

–              2-wheel drive & 2-wheel (front) steering

–              Open or closed cabin, with drivers & operators seat

–              12 Tonnes vehicle mass as standard



–              Front wheel steer (2WS)

–              The Fully Hydraulic Power steering greatly reduces steering effort and enhances manoeuvrability by allowing the operator to make sharper, quicker turns. The power steering improves straight-line stability and as a result increases operating safety


Braking System:

–              Fully hydraulic braking system

–              Wet disk brakes on rear axle only

–              parking brake, on rear axle, mechanically actuated


Service Access:

–              Easily accessed via large fully opening bonnet

–              Pumps, filters, tanks, valves, starter motor and alternator are all accessible from the spacious engine bay or beneath the tractor via use of pit or hoist facility


Technical Data:

– 3.875 x 2.1 x 1.55m (LxWxH)

–              Draw bar pull (DBP) on dry level concrete 66.68 kN (6.8t)

the maximum transferable DBP depends on tractor weight & coefficient of friction

–              Tractor aircraft capability up to & including fully laden A321 (95 tonnes)

–              12V or 24V Electrical system, using heavy duty battery


Including the following equipment:

–              Amber rotating beacon & work lamp mounted on pedestal

–              Head & Tail lamps, c/w reverse & turn indicators, reversing alarm

–              Front & Rear towing hitches, with pin locking mechanism

–              Tyres, Front 225/95R 17.5, Rear 295/80R 22.5 (spare wheels & tyres included)

–              Total vehicle mass of 8 Tonnes

–              Left-hand drivers steering position plus seating for one (1) additional passenger

Standard Features for both options:

Engine :

Deutz TCD 2011 L04 W diesel engine Turbo-charges water-cooled, 4-cylinders inline

74.9 kW (100 hp) @ 2600rpm Exhaust emission to EPA/EC level Tier 3

Transmission :

Automatic transmission ZF with integrated torque converter 5 forward and 1 reverse gears

Axle       : Planetary Axle Rear with Oil Immersed disc brakes on all wheels

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