Electric Tow Tractor 304 by Spijkstaal ideal for towing and delivering baggage



Electric Tow Tractor 304

Because of the good suspension of the Electric Tow Tractor 304  powerful brakes and excellent ergonomics this electric tricycle tow tractor 304 is very suitable for intensive towing of loads up to 4,000 kg. The compact dimensions also make this tow tractor very manoeuvrable which is practical in narrow passages and in less spacious areas. Ideal for towing and delivering baggage and cargo in Airport baggage halls and Terminal Buildings

The Spijkstaal 304 is multifunctional, as it has a platform with a vehicle load capacity of 300 kg (platform 600 x 695 mm) and a towing capacity of up to 2,500 kg. The low platform height, the step height of 214 mm, and also the excellent suspension combined with the perfect ergonomics provide optimal comfort for the driver.

The narrow width of just 750 mm and the exceptional manoeuvrability make this Spijkstaal vehicle extremely suitable for indoor use.

Electric tow tractor Type 304 with platform

Towing capacity: 4.000 kg 2.500 kg

Loading capacity: 300 kg

Max. speed: 14 km/h (adjustable) 14 km/h (adjustable)

Length: 1739 mm 2026 mm

Width: 750 mm 750 mm

Height: 1221,5 mm 1221,5 mm

Platform size: 600 x 695 mm

Max battery: 24 Volt – 320Ah/400Ah 24 Volt – 320Ah/400Ah

Motor: Asynchronous AC Motor Asynchronous AC Motor

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