Electric Tow Tug GT1000


Capable of moving 22,000 ibs / 10 tonne aircraft in very tight spaces.


electritugElectric tow tug GT1000 aircraft tug for private and light commercial plane with a MTOW of 10 tonne part of the electiTUG range from 247GT Ltd
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of entirely electric powered aviation tugs and tractors. The new range manufactured in UK, Europe and Asia will cater for many different size aircraft. Available with either Lead Acid or LION batteries and in some cases built in chargers the range will be marketed under the new brand.

Electric tow tug GT1000 aircraft tug

Suitable for single & double nose -wheeled aircraft with MOTW of 10,000kg


    • Handles nose wheel diameters of 250mm to 680mm


    • Electronic Speed Control


    • Fail Safe Electromagnetic Braking System


    • Chest Emergency Stop


    • Battery Indicator


    • Built in Battery Charger 24v 20amp


    • Batteries 2 x AGM Deep Cycle, leak proof 12v 200Ah


    • Full Charge will give 8hr Shift at 25% duty Cycle


    • Maximum Speed 3.5kph/2.19mph


    • Maximum Tractive Effort 450kg


    • OB light


    • LED Docking Light


    • Custom Colour and Company Livery Available


    • Enables Smart Parking


             Maximises Hangar Space

247GT Ltd offer Purchase and Rental options on all our electritug vehicles. We also offer rental on batteries and chargers

We offer our customers the most flexible and economic way of running their fleet of elecrtitugs.

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