Spijkstaal 425 Electric Tow Tractor


The Spijkstaal 425 Electric Tow Tractor is a revolutionary and innovative new design of airport baggage and cargo tow tractor.
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Spijkstaal 425 Electric Tow Tractor

The Spijkstaal 425 Electric Tow Tractor is a revolutionary and innovative new design. The vehicle has been designed with the operator in mind and the cost of ownership to the company a high priority.

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The Spijkstaal 425 Electric Tow Tractor is the most popular one of Spijkstaal’s tow tractor portfolio. A towing capacity of 25-30 tons and a top speed of 28 km/h make this model a unique tractor, extremely suitable for outdoor use when long distances have to be covered, e.g. on airports.

The long wheel base and springs ensure pleasant and safe driving, even when the road surface is suboptimal. The favourable weight distribution provides a high rear axle pressure, giving the vehicle a particularly good performance, especially in rough weather conditions.

The spacious cabin with two sliding doors which can be left open offers everything the driver could wish for. The sliding doors move within the chassis, which decreases the chance of damage. All plate components in the crash zone are durable and can, when necessary, easily be replaced. The brakes ensure a safe braking distance, even in critical situations. The 425 can be supplied with two types of batteries (450Ah/540Ah).

Technical specifications:

Elektro tow tractor: Type 425 K Type 425 M
Towing capacity: 25,000-30,000 kg 25,000-30,000 kg
Max. speed: 28 km/h (adjustable) 21-28 km/h (adjustable)
Length: 3,110 mm 3,275 mm
Width: 1,280 mm 1,280 mm
Height: 1,892 mm incl. cabine 1,892 mm incl. cabine
Max. battery: 80 volt, 450 Ah 80 volt, 540 Ah
Motor: Asynchronous AC Motor Asynchronous AC Motor