Trepel Champ 350 Main Deck Loader


The one and only 35 ton loader in the world.


At last, it’s here the most capable high loader in the world, the CHAMP 350! The continuous increase in weight of oversized cargo has been making more demands on ground support equipment.

Trepel has addressed this challenge with its newly developed 35-ton capacity main deck loader.

Not only does the CHAMP 350 boast 35 tons lifting capacity on the main platform, this also applies to the front platform.

New technical features such as hydraulic adapters, twin wheels, telescopic driver’s stand and new lifting system on the front platform make the CHAMP 350 the most advanced loader of its kind.

Cutting edge statistics calculation methods, state of the art manufacturing process and the use of the newest components from our sub-suppliers such as common rail diesel engine technology make this unit a most innovative loader, CHAMP 350- technology at a higher level.


Dimensions L x W x H 13.100 x 4.500 x 3.870mm
Capacity – Main Platform Lift and Transfer 3.5000kg
Capacity – Front Platform Lift and Transfer 3.5000kg
Lifting Height – Front Platform 2.1 to 5.6m
Lifting Height – Main Platform 0.49 to 5.6m
Loading width (between guide rails) 3.310 mm
Driving speed 10 -13km/h
Turning radius 14.000mm

Additional information

Dimensions 13.100 × 4.500 × 3.870 mm