247GT Supplies First New ATA Diesel Tow Tractor to SPS UK

247GT Supplies First New ATA Diesel Tow Tractor to SPS UK

Back in April 247GT Ltd were very pleased to hand over our first new ATA diesel tow tractor to Andy Redmond at S.P.S UK. The 50-tonne rated diesel tow tractor is ideal for large cargo applications and meets latest emission standards with its robust drivetrain. With us having more units inbound, it was no wonder our CEO, Brian, was so happy handing it over to Andy in the picture below!

Brian Sneyd, ATA Diesel Tow Tractor, SPS GSE, Andy Redmond, ATA Two Tractors

Having been a major player in the airport market for over 60 years after being founded in Moderna, Italy following the end of World War Two by Ageo Bergamini, ATA is the first-choice supplier for many international, as well as Italian, airports today. Whilst the company’s founder Bergamini’s starting point may have been creating small tow tractors to use inside kilns and producing agricultural spare parts and machinery, today ATA offers a wide selection of airport ground handling solutions, including baggage tow tractors, air starters, aircraft toilet waste systems and J&B Aviation air conditioners plus much more.

ATA 5000 GSE Tow Tractor, 247GT

As agents for ATA Tow Tractors in the UK, 247GT are proud to supply the ATA 5000 GSE Cargo Tractor.

Benefits of the ATA 5000 GSE Cargo Tractor include:

  • being capable of towing 50 tonne loads,
  • being perfectly and specifically designed for cargo handling and baggage towing in the harsh and hectic environment of a busy international airport,
  • being durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain, ensuring minimum downtime for maintenance,
  • being practical, easy and safe to use for the operator,
  • boasting an impressive braking performance with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back,
  • rear control for precision inching,
  • reliable Perkins or Deutz engine,
  • PowerShift transmission with electric control mounted onto the steering wheel,
  • optimum driving comfort,
  • low running costs.

ATA 7500 Cargo Aircraft Tug, ATA, 247GT

We are also pleased to supply the ATA 7000 Cargo Aircraft Tug.

Benefits of the ATA 7000 Cargo Aircraft Tug include:

  • being ideal for towing and pushing small aircraft and brilliant for efficiently and safely towing cargo,
  • being versatile and multi-purpose, in the four-wheel drive option and four-wheel steering version, aircraft pushback can be facilitated for category 1 aircraft, with MTOW of 50 tonnes,
  • having a sturdy steel body,
  • being straight-forward to operate,
  • being an economic purchase.

You can see the full product specification here.

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