Airfield Windsock Standard, Heavy Duty & Economy

Airfield Windsock Standard, Heavy Duty & Economy

Our Airfield Windsock range consists of 3 options Standard and Heavy Duty and Economy.

Standard Windsock

The standard windsock range exceeds all requirements for aviation and industrial usage. They are guaranteed from shredding for six months. Constructed from UV stabilised flo-orange polyester with an unbreakable high-tensile PVC coated galvanised steel harness these windsocks are made to last.  These are ideal for use in the professional aviation sector, power and industrial sector, for military use and can be used in desert conditions. conforming to CAA CAP 168, ICAO Annex 14 & FAA Standards.  To purchase online follow the link Standard Airfield Windsocks

Heavy Duty Windsock

The Heavy Duty windsock is designed to cope with the most demanding of environments.  It withstands the toughest of conditions over an extended period.  They are particularly well suited to installations where access for regular maintenance or replacement is limited or restricted.  The windsocks are specially manufactured from chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) and synthetic rubber (CSM).  This makes them heavily resistant to chemicals, temperature extremes, inclement weather and ultraviolet light. These windsocks also feature an enhanced unbreakable high-tensile stainless steel harness and are fully guaranteed against shredding, fading and structural failure for 12 months.  These windsocks can be used in all situations and conditions including.  Military, hazardous, saltwater and offshore.

Economy Windsocks

Our economy range of windsocks has been created with high-quality materials at a low price. For use in personal, amateur aviation and emergency situations.  Polyurethane windsocks conforming to CAA CAP 168, ICAO Annex 14 & FAA Standards.  To purchase online follow the link. Economy Windsocks

We also supply poles and harnesses for the windsocks and have the facility to install solar-powered lighting  to illuminate the windsock

To visit our  website to purchase standard airfield windsocks follow the links