Benefits of iSentry CCTV Analytical Software

Benefits of iSentry CCTV Analytical Software

Ever wondered why we make such a fuss of the iSentry Analytical Security Software being ‘revolutionary’ ‘intelligent’, and ‘innovative?’

There are many benefits of iSentry CCTV Analytical Software. This intelligence software self-learns normal behaviour patterns so it’s able to warn you of any abnormal activity. It detects by using alerting operators. The abnormal activity it detects ranges from boxes being left around and unusual vehicle behaviour, to people running to object and somebody falling. We enjoy finding new ways to enhance our range of equipment, which is why we’re strong advocates of iSentry Analytical Software.

Take a look at the short video below to learn more about the benefits of iSentry CCTV Analytical Software.

Why Choose iSentry Analytical Software for your Airport?

We work with Sentinel Vision Services in the UK to bring you the revolutionary self-learning AI iSentry Analytical CCTV Software, enhancing and streamlining security, safety and efficiency in airports.

As explained above, iSentry is a truly unique CCTV Analytical Software. Developed by Sentient, iSentry that was first created for military use. It has made its way into the CCTV systems to improve security and safety. So, we thought it would be a great idea to bring it to put it on the aviation industry’s radar!

iSentry CCTV Analytical Software has the power to do 5 things that other systems can’t…

Detect Unusual Activity (Ultra-Smart Surveillance)

It can filter out up to 95% of normal motion video, only indicating the unusual motion to the operators.

Multiple Camera Analysis and Management (MCAM)

The software can also manage a large number of cameras, by scheduling the surveillance. This allows the operators to shift priorities without missing any unusual activity.

Active PTZ Camera Control

iSentry can track targets by commanding the cameras to zoom in on suspicious activity. This way the operators don’t lose the subject.

Ultra-long Duration Video Archives

This feature is facilitated by saving normal motion in a lower resolution or quality. This reduces the disk storage space by over 90%.

Reliable Outdoor Left-Object Detection

The iSentry system can detect small objects that have been left in busy and outdoor areas. It’s also able to cope with almost all-weather conditions.

If you’d like to watch some more demos of iSentry in action click here.

If you think any of these benefits of iSentry CCTV Analytical Software could assist your business’ security, call us on: 01772 81 69 74 or contact us!