What Makes iSentry Software the Next Generation of Video Security?

What Makes iSentry Software the Next Generation of Video Security?

If you asked most professionals what gives a business an edge over competitors a common answer would most likely be ‘thinking ahead of the curve’ or ‘staying on top of, not just current trends but future trends as well’. Although we usually specialise in supplying, leasing and assessing GSE and airfield equipment, we have been so impressed with the iSentry Analytical Software that this year has seen us working together with Sentinel Vision Services in the UK to bring the many benefits of iSentry Analytical Software for CCTV systems to the attention of the aviation industry.

You’ll see on our website and LinkedIn and Twitter channels that we describe iSentry as a ‘revolutionary’, ‘innovative’ and ‘intelligent’ video surveillance system capable of ‘transforming’ the security at airports, but what makes iSentry software the future of CCTV security?

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1) Self-learning

Having been originally developed for the military, it’s no surprise that iSentry software can utilise artificial intelligence algorithms and intelligent video analysis to self-learn what ‘normal’ patterns of behaviour are for subjects in a certain area captured by a CCTV camera, with the parameters of what is deemed ‘normal’ being set out by the operator. When objects or subjects in the view of the CCTV camera exhibits behaviour or carries out actions that fail to fit the model of ‘normal’ behaviour, the iSentry system smartly flags it up as unusual activity and performs the appropriate automated responses.

2) The Unusual Behaviour Detection (UBD) Module

Unlike traditional alarm-based systems, the Unusual Behaviour Detection module makes the iSentry system the ideal asset, able to show highly filtered events to personnel operating the systems, empowering them to maintain complete situational awareness without having to worry about missing events.

There is no need for any rules-based configuration as the system reliably monitors the activity patterns of everything within the CCTV camera’s field of vision, including detecting objects left in busy indoor and outdoor spaces, like airports that frequently experience high volumes of traffic. The analytical software is able to alert the operator to the precise moment the suspicious object was left and has the power to take the operator to that exact moment in the system’s video stream.

3) Left Object Detection (LOD)

We all know that unidentified objects left in airports can arouse suspicion. The iSentry system is designed to pinpoint removed or objects abandoned in the area covered by the CCTV’s line of vision and that might pose a risk to the general public or an aircraft. The clever software can spot objects that are only 2 pixels on the screen – items that would normally be missed by the operator due to their small size.

Bringing the left object to the attention of the operator, the controller of the system can efficiently return to the exact moment the object was left or removed and determine what the right course of action to take is. The iSentry software can detect objects big and small with equal ease.

4) Video Trip Wire (VTW)

Multiple industrial Video Trip Wires on the iSentry system can be set according to direction, speed, size, time of day and location of a suspected threat relative to the CCTV camera’s line of vision.

The Video Trip Wire feature is ideal for noticing strange movement within controlled environments, with the multi-directional Video Trip Wires being easy to use and able to alert operators to all moving objects within the parameters defined by the operator.

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