mototok appoint 247gt ltd UK / Ireland agents

mototok appoint 247gt ltd UK / Ireland agents

mototok appoint 247gt ltd

mototok appoint 247gt ltd UK / Ireland agents.  247gt are pleased to announce that mototok have asked them to represent them in the UK and Ireland.

Mototok aircraft tugs and helicopter tugs are electric remotely controlled and manoeuvrable.  This enables smart hangar parking with zero emissions.

Mototok has changed the face of aircraft pushback and parking with their range of towbar less electric nose lifter tugs.  The mototok range of aircraft and helicopter tugs enable one man operation for the movement of aircraft in the hangar and on pushback procedure.  Mototok is leading the way in reducing emissions and making the movements and parking of aircraft safer and more economical. mototok have set the future performance standards for aircraft movement.

Mototok Aircraft Tugs

Mototok has an underlying philosophy in the design of their equipment it utilises the latest technology available in its sphere of operation.

The mototok aircraft and helicopter tugs are relatively lightweight and portable in their design making them ideal for parking aircraft in tight situations in hangars and on the apron. The design of mototok aircraft tugs enables parking in corners or up to walls saving up to 40% of hangar space.

The extremely powerful electric motor used in mototok aircraft tugs produces zero emissions making them ideal for hangar use. The compact design and remote control operation along with the design of the cradle enables precision parking that cannot be achieved with a tug and bar or other types of towbarless tugs.

mototok appoint 247gt ltd.  Mr Brian Sneyd CEO of 247gt Ltd met with Mr Thilo Wiers-Keiser of mototok at EBACE in Geneva to finalise the appointment of 247gt as agents in the UK and Ireland.

247GT ltd is proud to announce that mototok have chosen them to represent the company in the UK and Ireland.  mototok are the leading manufacturer of electric aircraft and helicopter tugs.  Contact 247gt for more information. e-mail:  Tel: 01772816974