Winter Maintenance Equipment from 247GT

Winter Maintenance Equipment from 247GT

247GT now have a range of Winter Maintenance Equipment including Snow Ploughs, Gritting Machines and liquid de-icing sprayers.  We have equipment suitable for airport car parks, pavements and roadways.  Our range of equipment will enhance your customers’ visit and keep them safe during periods of heavy snow and frost.

Liquid De-Icing Sprayers

247GT’s range of liquid de-icing sprayers is capable of applying various liquid de-icing and anti-icing products. For ease of use, our sprayers are supplied with either standard category 1 or 2, 3-point linkage, which enables them to work with the vast majority of tractors – without modification, as well as being powered by the tractor PTO (power take off).

Snow Plough, Winter Maintenance Equipment

Snow Plough

A heavy duty snowplough designed to be used with compact tractors. The snowplough is capable of snowploughing to the left or right as well as bulldozing in a central position. Supplied as standard with a basic mounting bracket which fits to the tractors front weight bracket or chassis. The snowplough is fitted with a break-back system, an important feature to reduce damage to the snowplough/tractor or driver.

Gritting Machines and Salt Spreaders

Towed Machines

Gritting Machine, Winter Maintenance EquipmentThe range of high speed towed salt spreaders are considered to be the market-leading machines by many. Our range of gritting machines and salt spreaders are used by contractors, local authorities and private organisations. They also have an excellent reputation for being reliable.

Tractor Towed Machines

The tractor-towed salt spreaders are hydraulically powered either by a PTO powered pump or from the tractor auxiliary hydraulic take off.

The tractor trailed salt spreaders range from a 0.5m³ hopper capacity to take approximately 600kg of salt to a tractor towed Salt Spreader with a 5.0m³ hopper capacity to take approximately 7000kg of salt. Capable of spreading wet or dry – brown or white salt via its unique POZI-FEED stainless steel auger system.


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