Assess my Fleet

Our professional service for assessing and improving your ground support fleet.

At 247GT can use our extensive industry experience and specialised knowledge to provide a range of specialist services to help you make the right informed decisions on fleet requirements.

  • If you are buying or selling equipment or returning it to the hire company we can assess the equipment’s value for money and levels of safety and operating efficiency.
  • Our expert inspections and in-depth assessments, which pay great attention to detail, can determine repair costs, safety issues and environmental performance.
  • We can help airfield/airport managers like you make that important decision: to invest in new equipment, repair your existing equipment, sell your airport machinery and equipment or to scrap it.

Benefits of 247GT’s Fleet Assessment Services

  • Our professional and insightful equipment and machinery inspections help reduce painful early return costs on equipment leases to hire companies.
  • Our inspections highlight areas in which safety can be stepped up, efficiency within operating processes can be increased and value for money can be enjoyed, offering actionable suggestions to improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet.
  • Having your fleet regularly assessed not only provides you with peace of mind but reassures purchasers and sellers too.
  • You can save time and money with 247GT on hand to expertly support you to ensure the cost-effectiveness of your fleet, promoting safety and enabling you to make smart buying, selling, returning or repair decisions.
  • To have your fleet expertly assessed for your peace of mind call 01772 816 974 today.